MSS: Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft Vol. 70/1 (2016)

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Andrea Lorenzo Covini: Griechisch ὀριγνάομαι ‚sich ausstrecken‘

Daniel Kölligan: Griechisch ἔρφος ‚Haut‘, keltisch *erbā ‚Reh; Ziege‘

Laura Massetti: Two Lovely Names: on Κύπρις and Ἶρις

Matilde Serangeli: Lykisch hijãnaxã

Andrei Sideltsev, Ilya Yakubovich: The Origin of Lycian Indefinite Pronouns and Its Phonological Implications

Julia Sturm: Preverb + Verb Compounds in the R̥g Veda: A Construction-Based Approach

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