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The SRaT row is one of the main themes in our programme. She contains several short rows. The single volumes do not appear in the order of their SRaT number, but according to the research state.
In the row „Studies to the ritual scenes of Old-Egyptian temples“ are published results of research which have been found with the data bank system SERaT.

A part of the SRaT row deals exclusively with the photos of the Prussian expedition in 1908-1910 to Nubien.
An other short row are the volumes of the Meroitic Inscriptions from Qasr Ibrim. They appear with the number SRaT 9 with suitable unterfigure.
The volumes with the title "The myth in his scenery" appear in the mini-row with the number SRaT 11. 

The photos of the Prussian expedition in 1908-1910 to Nubien

Here you find all published volumes of Beinlich, Horst: Die Photos der Preußischen Expedition 1908-1910 nach Nubien.