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The J. H. Röll Verlag is a scientific professional publishing company with the main focuses:

Besides interesting Regionalia as well as exhibition-accompanying museum catalogues also belong – like the publications of the Knauf-Museum of Iphofen – to the extensive publishing company programme.
Many famous authors from the department of Egyptology and
African studies have published numerous publications at the J. H. Röll Verlag. The programme encloses established rows like the studies to the ritual scenes of Old-Egyptian temple (SRaT), the Meroitic Inscriptions from Qasr Ibrim or the Photos of the Prussian expedition in 1908-1910 to Nubien as well as the volumes of the Orbis Aethiopicus.
Particularly the unique presentation of some works is to be mentioned as a
leporello or board work. Besides are also found monographs and manuals which round the scientific work of the authors.

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